You Can't Beat Eggs

To start your day off great…

I’ll tell it to you straight…

You Can’t Beat Eggs For Breakfast!


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Egg Recipes

Egg Recipes

Delicious, quick & easy egg recipes. 
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Health & Nutrition

Nutritional and health related information
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Eggs Are The Perfect Healthy Food

Eggs are nutritious, quick and tasty! For quick and easy Breakfast ideas, a yummy Lunch, a delicious Snack or a complete meal. We have New Zealand’s favourite egg recipes and meal ideas. From the ever popular Bacon and Egg Pie to Eggs Benedict, the classic Pavlova recipe and don’t forget about the wonderful Scrambled Egg. Quiche Recipes, Cake recipes, vegetarian & pasta recipes – we have all the best egg recipes in one easy place, and if you are not exactly Master Chef material we even show you how to boil an egg! How many calories in an egg? What’s in an egg?

Eggs are healthy and nutritious, and one of the most economical foods you can buy. We have useful information here for school assignments, research projects or just general interest. Due to public demand we also have a selection of the very best Egg Jokes in New Zealand. 



You Can’t Beat Eggs For Breakfast!

Check out our great new video, we can’t say it better than our eggspert Jimmy, You really can’t beat eggs for breakfast.

How to Quickly Peel a Boiled Egg

Hard-boiled egg lovers can now rejoice! If you’ve ever struggled with trying to chip away at the shell of a freshly hard-boiled egg, here’s a cool new trick. Place the egg inside a small glass, fill with a few cm of cold water, cover the glass with your hand -and shake it quickly (over the sink) a few times. The egg shell comes off magically almost immediately. Crazy and it actually works!! No more messed up eggs for your salads and lunch boxes.

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Pan fried, microwaved, with a hint of parsley or sweet chilli – whichever way you like it the classic scrambled eggs is New Zealand’s favourite egg breakfast choice, a recent survey[i] has revealed. Over 1,700 egg lovers across the country revealed their favourite egg...


3 September 2015 Eating eggs is unlikely to raise blood cholesterol levels and increase risk of heart disease, new reports reveal. The recent 2015 US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Reporti has removed any recommendations around limiting dietary...

Crack Into Eggs For the Best Breakfast

Crack into eggs for the best breakfast choice! New Zealanders are being egged on, and encouraged to reap the health benefits of eating eggs for breakfast. A New Zealand Egg Industry initiative is underway reminding Kiwis that “you can’t beat eggs for breakfast”....

Eggs – An important food for toddlers

The early years of a child’s life are a time of rapid growth and development. For the first six months of their life, breast milk or infant formula supply all the nutrition a baby needs. However from six months of age, foods need to be introduced to complement milk....