Eggs are a highly nutritious natural food that makes an important contribution to a healthy, well balanced diet and a natural source of at least 11 different vitamins and minerals as well as high quality protein, omega-3 fats and antioxidants.*

For the general population, people of all ages in good health can enjoy eggs as often as they like, as part of their normal diet. The NZ Heart Foundation recently relaxed their recommendation of 3 eggs per week and increased this to 6 eggs a week for people at high risk of heart disease – which is good news for egg lovers. The New Zealand Nutrition Foundation also says that if you are generally in good health you can enjoy eggs as often as you like as part of a normal and healthy, balanced diet.

Due to the variety of the excellent nutrients naturally found in eggs, they make a significant role in increasing daily intakes of all the essential minerals and vitamins.* Eggs are also one of the best and most affordable forms of protein. They are inexpensive and may be particularly useful for people following a restricted diet or for those who have increased nutrient requirements such as women who are pregnant, young children, active sports people and the elderly.

Half a dozen reasons why you can’t beat eggs…

  1. Gram packed full of protein: Eggs have 6 grams of high-quality protein – significantly more protein than many other breakfast choices. And a protein-packed breakfast helps sustain energy throughout the day. 
  2. Vitamins and mineralsEggs are packed with over 11 different vitamins and minerals essential for maintaining good health
  3. Nature’s solution: Eggs don’t come with a complicated ingredient list, because they only contain one natural ingredient. Eggs.
  4. Keeping you fuller for longer: The protein in eggs is highly digestible and may provide satiety which also helps weight management.
  5. New Zealand’s most affordable protein: Eggs supply high-quality protein and a variety of important vitamins and minerals at a very low price.  
  6. Enjoy eggs every day:  As part of a balanced healthy diet… The NZ Heart Foundation advise eggs have only a small effect on our blood cholesterol levels and those at risk of heart disease can eat up to six eggs per week

*For full nutritional information click here