We know that eggs are one of natures best power foods, packed full of many essential vitamins and minerals. A new research review has highlighted yet again that the perception of cholesterol is outdated and reinforces that eggs contain high-quality protein and fatty acids and a number of key nutrients including vitamin D, B vitamins, selenium, iodine and choline which are not present in many other available foods. 

As ‘nature’s multivitamin’ eggs should be prescribed for everything from diabetes to memory loss the study claims, from Scotland-based nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton in a new research report offering advice to medical dietitians.

The key points highlighted include;

  • Eggs contain nutrients not found in many other foods, including vitamin D
  • A single medium egg contains around 66 calories and some 6.4g of protein 
  • Middle-aged men that regularly consume eggs have a 12% lower risk of strokes
  • Eggs contain lots of the amino acid leucine, which promotes muscle growth
  • They also support brain function in older people, reducing dementia symptom

View the full Daily Mail article here.

So now we can all get cracking and enjoy eggs everyday. Eggs for brekkie anyone?
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